About us

Why are we doing this? How are we working towards the goal? What is the goal anyway?

For citizens

Open data does not automatically increase the availability of information. Open data is often in a form that is not readable, since it contains too much unlinked and latent information./p>

With visualizations

We collect the open data and convert them into graphic visualizations. The visualizations are wrapped into projects, which are oriented to specific issues, such as motor vehicles.

For a better tomorrow

Our goal is to further raise citizens' awareness. By providing them readable and accessible data, the users can observe trends. Knowledge is power.

How do we get the data?

Open data is publicly available on the OPSI portal. Although the government has made several important steps to "open" the open data in recent years, the current repository of open data requires too much work and knowledge from the average user.

Current projects

With our first project, we have focused our efforts on the database of motor vehicles. The Avtolog project gives the users the ability to monitor the trends of motor vehicles in Slovenia. Users can also view the data collected during the technical inspections by a VIN number.

Are you interested in how many kilometers did your car have before you bought it?

Check your car here!

Want to contribute?

Contact us at info@inforum.si

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